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Whether you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, personal branding photography is an essential tool in your business toolkit. It’s a powerful way to grow your business and boost your online presence, in a world dominated by images.

If you are the face behind your business, then you need striking personal branding that tells your story.

There’s only one of you. Show your potential customers who you are and what you have to offer with images that are unique as you are. You need powerful personal branding that makes you stand out and that grabs attention.

Personal branding is a powerful way to influence how your customers see you.

What’s special about you? What makes your business unique? Why should potential customers choose to work with you? Personal branding helps answer these questions for potential customers in a visual form, conveying your unique selling points and engaging them in your story.

Capturing the face behind the business

My role is to do more than take a photo. With every photo I take of every client I work with my goal is to inject a message directed to your target audience.

I take the time to find out what drives you, what your goals are and who your target audience is. From there, I’m able to create personal branding images that convey your key attributes. I ensure that these images are appealing to your potential customers.

I relate to people from all walks of life, working with clients all over Whangarei and Northland in a range of work environments from building sites to boardrooms. I put people at ease, making photo shoots relaxed and fun. This encourages clients to be themselves and allows me to capture photographs that are professional and engaging, and that truly reflect your unique selling points.

I have high-quality, professional equipment including a portable studio, equipped with professional lighting that I can set up anywhere, Northland-wide. I also have access to a lighting studio in Whangarei, so your images will always be lit professionally.

Personal branding video

Have you thought about putting yourself out there in video? I can create short videos that let your potential customers see you in your best light. Read more…

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