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Kellie Extance Photography

Business and corporate photography – stand out from the crowd

Business and corporate photography requires an approach that is both professional and organised whilst remaining friendly. My passion is capturing professional imagery that not only looks great, it also gives my clients a real edge.

In a world where business owners experience fierce competition, you need slick corporate photography that makes you shine out to your audience. I specialise in putting my clients at ease, so I can capture images that reflect the unique selling points of their business and make them stand out from the crowd.

Whether it’s still photography, drone imagery or video, I tailor my services to your individual needs and your target market.

Attention to detail

One of my strengths is the process I use to understand my clients’ business and their needs. I know which questions to ask, allowing me to get to the heart of what each client wants to achieve with their photo shoot, whether it be business photography, personal branding or real estate photography.

Logistics and planning

My background in tourism, sales and service and in banking has given me a firm understanding of the need for organisation, planning and logistics, and my clients trust me to be professional, adaptable and efficient, as well as approachable.

To deliver successful product, a corporate photographer must have a skill set that goes above and beyond taking photos. I pay as much attention to detail on the planning and logistics for a photo shoot as I do during and after the shoot.

My approach ensures that there’s minimal interruption to the running of your business. I work with a range of Whangarei businesses from construction companies to corporate companies, so I am comfortable in any setting.

I’m adaptable and flexible, so if things change on set, I am able to go with the flow and make any situation work to my clients’ advantage.

High-quality equipment

I’m serious about providing professional photographs, so I conduct photo shoots with professional standard equipment. To ensure I’m up to date with relevant technology and developments, I am always looking to upskill.

It’s all about lighting

The key to an appealing image is lighting. The right lighting can transform an ordinary image into one that commands attention.

There’s no time
like now.

Contact me today, let’s get your business noticed by the right people with business photography Whangarei clients trust.